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Handle Start nodes in exported graph for a bcx model

parent 3307da77
......@@ -154,14 +154,19 @@ def load_solutions(file):
def get_transitions(file, all_places=False):
"""Get all transitions in a file model (bcx format).
:param: Model in bcx format.
:type: <str>
:param arg1: Model in bcx format.
:param arg2: Ask to return all the places of the model.
(useful for get_frontier_places() that compute frontier places)
:type arg1: <str>
:type arg2: <bool>
:return: A dictionnary of events as keys, and transitions as values.
Since many transitions can define an event, values are lists.
Each transition is a tuple with: origin node, final node, attributes
like label and condition.
{u'h00': [('Ax', 'n1', {u'label': u'h00[]'}),]
:rtype: <dict <list <tuple <str>, <str>, <dict <str>: <str>>>>
If all_places is True, this func returns also a list of all places in
the model.
parser = MakeModelFromXmlFile(file)
......@@ -183,9 +188,15 @@ def get_transitions(file, all_places=False):
# ori/ext entities, so we have to extract them and their respective
# conditions
if trans.event == '':
# null event without clock...
# null event without clock => StartNodes
# These nodes are used to resolve the problem of
# Strongly Connected Components (inactivated cycles in the graph)
# The nodes
# Avoids having SigConstExpr as event type in parse_event()
# I create a transition (SCC-__start__?),
# and a node (__start__?) for this case.
trans.event = 'SCC-' +
events = {trans.event: trans.condition}
elif re.match('_h_[0-9_\.]+', trans.event):
# 1 event (with 1 clock)
events = {trans.event: trans.condition}
......@@ -222,7 +233,14 @@ def get_transitions(file, all_places=False):
def get_frontier_places(transitions, all_places):
"""Return frontier places of a model (deducted from its transitions).
"""Return frontier places of a model (deducted from its transitions and
from all places of the model).
.. note:: why we use all_places from the model instead of
(input_places - output_places) to get frontier places ?
Because some nodes are only in conditions and not in transitions.
If we don't do that, these nodes are missing when we compute
valid paths from conditions.
:param arg1: Model's transitions.
{u'h00': [('Ax', 'n1', {u'label': u'h00[]'}),]
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