Commit 0739812b authored by VIGNET Pierre's avatar VIGNET Pierre
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parse_condition: move alert about multiple valid paths in from warning to debug loglevel

Decrease verbosity but this alert was useful...
parent aa4a16d3
......@@ -357,14 +357,16 @@ def parse_condition(condition, all_nodes, inhibitors_nodes):
LOGGER.debug("POSSIBLE PATHS: %s", possible_paths)
LOGGER.debug("VALID PATHS: %s", valid_paths)
if len(valid_paths) > 1:
LOGGER.debug("Multiple valid paths for: %s:\n%s", condition, valid_paths)
for path in possible_paths:
pruned_places = set(path) - inhibitors_nodes
isinsubset = pruned_places.issubset(all_nodes)
LOGGER.debug("PRUNED PATH: %s, VALID: %s", pruned_places, isinsubset)
assert valid_paths, "No valid path for: " + str(condition)
if len(valid_paths) > 1:
LOGGER.warning("Multiple valid paths for: %s:\n%s", condition, valid_paths)
return valid_paths
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