Commit c177afb3 authored by Philippe SWARTVAGHER's avatar Philippe SWARTVAGHER
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plot: add ImageMerger class

parent b934c6f6
import math
from PIL import Image
class ImageMerger:
def __init__(self, figname, nb_images, nb_columns):
self.figname = figname
self.nb_images = nb_images
self.nb_columns = nb_columns
self.nb_lines = math.ceil(nb_images / nb_columns)
self.images = [[None for _ in range(self.nb_columns)] for _ in range(self.nb_lines)]
self.width = None
self.height = None
def __setitem__(self, coord, figname):
line, column = coord
if line >= self.nb_lines:
raise Exception("Line is out of bounds!")
if column >= self.nb_columns:
raise Exception("Column is out of bounds!")
im =
if self.width is None:
self.width, self.height = im.size
elif im.width != self.width or im.height != self.height:
raise Exception("Size don't match!")
self.images[line][column] = im
def save(self):
merged_image ='RGB', (self.nb_columns * self.width, self.nb_lines * self.height))
for i in range(self.nb_lines):
for j in range(self.nb_columns):
if self.images[i][j] is not None:
merged_image.paste(self.images[i][j], (j * self.width, i * self.height))
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