cleaning TODO

parent c1e088de
add option to stop after a given number of steps -> done ?
make it possible to have fields larger than 64 bits
Seed for RNG as a global parameter
modify annotator : misuse of global variable log
modify timer
modify memory_report
These three files are currently not used
implement rule of 0/3/5
simplify loading matrices from id
......@@ -17,8 +10,6 @@ use uniq_ptr for handling storage matrices
make memlimit for storage
do two subprograms: tinygb_init
rewrite README
avoid storing reductors that have not been reduced
......@@ -29,10 +20,5 @@ put global environment in a local struct
check if the program must be launched from the root dir
tinygb_init should write the id of the initial interreduced matrix in a file
remove name "interreduced_system" in Interreduce
get and set random state to pass between programs
rebuild test files from scratch
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