Commit 748aad8f authored by Pierre-Louis Roman's avatar Pierre-Louis Roman
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Reset default logo UR1 instead of INSA (follows d930093d)

parent 0836070c
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
%For different universities modify the beginning of this document to adapt the logos (logo)
\logoecoledoc{./Couverture-these/MathSTIC/logo-mathSTIC} %logo ecole doctorale
\logoetablissement{./Couverture-these/MathSTIC/logo-etablissements/logoINSA}%logo etablissement (ici Rennes 1)
\logoetablissement{./Couverture-these/MathSTIC/logo-etablissements/logoUR1}%logo etablissement (ici Rennes 1)
%Indiquer l'\'{e}tablissement de d\'{e}livrance du diplome
%Provide the name of the institution that delivers the diploma,
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