Commit 9c8dc9b2 authored by NOEL Philippe's avatar NOEL Philippe

Update tests

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......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ fn parse_f2_adn() {
let my_struct = pdbparser::read_pdb("tests/tests_file/f2_adn.pdb", "f2");
assert_eq!(5, my_struct.get_chain_number());
assert_eq!(8382, my_struct.get_residue_number());
assert_eq!(1085, my_struct.get_atom_number());
assert_eq!(47740, my_struct.get_atom_number());
......@@ -28,9 +28,9 @@ fn parse_trp() {
fn parse_5jpq() {
let my_struct = pdbparser::read_pdb("tests/tests_file/5jpq.pdb", "5jpq");
assert_eq!(35, my_struct.get_chain_number());
assert_eq!(8173, my_struct.get_residue_number());
assert_eq!(44801, my_struct.get_atom_number());
assert_eq!(56, my_struct.get_chain_number());
assert_eq!(15066, my_struct.get_residue_number());
assert_eq!(95839, my_struct.get_atom_number());
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