Commit 420341a2 authored by Philippe Beillas's avatar Philippe Beillas

[lic] put readme is top folder

parent 1e6d9238
This folder includes a copy of the ViVA model (date: 20160912) distributed at:
Please check the files for the licenses and go the ViVA website for more info
(Disclaimer: the PIPER project and the OpenHBM/ViVA efforts are not related).
Metadata files needed to import the model in PIPER are also included
(VIVA_description_LSDyna.pmr and PIPER_entities.k)
The metadata was generated independently by PIPER partners.
They are not maintained nor checked for performance (issues with collision are present in positioning).
The model and metadata are currently only used for automated checking of the software.
The metadata should be improved to use ViVA in PIPER for real applications.
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