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Change Log     {#pageChangelog}

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v1.xx.yy - ??/2018
New or modified features:
- [kriging] The kriging deformation API is now accesible by python scripts (including batch mode)
- [app] Command line arguments are now passed to launching the piper.exe when starting PIPER from Windows command line using the RunPiper.bat. For example, ">RunPiper.bat --batch" will start PIPER in batch mode
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- [child scaling] Fixed a bug that caused the first point in the sequence (left side of vertebra near shoulders) to have target x and y coordinates incorrectly equal to 0
- [kriging] Fixed source control points not disappearing from display after being removed (introduced in 1.0.2)
- [kriging] When "fix bones" option is turned on when doing kriging with intermediate targets, "use bones as intermediate targets" must be turned on as well. GUI will now ensure this

v1.0.2 - 12/2017
New or modified features:
- [kriging] Added option to toggle visibility of control points through their context menu in the "Target/Source points" windows
- [kriging] Control point parameters (nugget, skin/bone association) can now be defined in the metadata either through a per-point list, or through global values
- [kriging] The Kriging module now enables to enter global skin/bone association parameters for individual source control point sets
- [kriging] Dialogs for loading control points now remember last used folder paths
- [app] Enhanced the RunPiper.bat script for windows to allow starting Piper from a remote network drive

24 25
- [pre-posi] The target values of controllers of all types are no longer limited to <-1000;1000>, but can have arbitrary values
- [app] Piper should no longer crash when UI is scaled through operating system - some parts of the GUI can still be scaled improperly though
- [app] Temporarily disabled storing the last used folder for various dialogues if the last used folder was on a network (UNC) path as that currently causes crashes due to a bug in an external library used by PIPER.
- [app] Removed size limitations for xml validation -> large Piper Project files will now correctly validate
29 30
- [kriging] Skin/bone associations should correctly from the .pmr files and correctly applied in the Kriging module
- [kriging] Control points defined in metadata with the "target" role will now correctly show up in the "Target Control Points" menu in Kriging module
- [contour] Enhanced hip and legs repositioning
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v1.0.1 - 07/2017
- [framework] The application will now automatically go to check module upon opening a project (as it does upon importing a new model)
- [scaling constraints] Fix crashes when a new HBM is loaded that is incompatible with the currently loaded scalable model
- [contour] Fixes a bug causing contourCL files to be unrecognized by the software
- [anthropo] CCTAnthro-landmark based prediction temporarily removed as it is not yet fully functional
- [anthropo] Fixes a bug that caused the "generate regressions" button to do nothing in some cases

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v1.0.0 - 05/2017

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- [pre-posi] some gui enhancement (landmark visibility, reload button always active)
- [pre-posi] fix controllers were not destroyed on reload
- [fine-posi] fix bad affine density value used
- [shape] fix skin young modules value was not set properly from the gui
- [kriging] support for domain decomposition of the model through named metadata
- [smoothing] added a new transformation smoothing method - local displacement average 
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v0.99.0 - 04/2017
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- [shape] new module to shape HBM skin (beta quality)
- [pre-posi] spine predictor have two lateral flexion angles
- [pre-posi] voxel size can be scaled with HBM height
- [pre-posi] custom affine frames can be defined in the metadata
- [pre-posi] add simulation of articular capsules, ligaments, cartilage, when appropriate entities are defined
- [pre-posi] add a distance constraint between tibia and patella
- [pre-posi] add relative motion in the frame controller
- [pre-posi] bone and capsule collisions can be enabled/disabled directly in the module, disabling it speeds up the simulation
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- [application] ability to interrupt lengthy process (like Position modules loading)
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- [anatomyDB] add some articular capsules, ligaments and meniscus
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- [pre-posi] FIX wrong bone collision in rare cases
- [pre-posi] FIX update of some nodes in bone entities
- [application] Environment can now be visualized and transformed (scale, translation and rotation)
- [framework] metadata can be exported and imported.
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- [framework] only pmr file is now required to imported HBM from FE file or graphic mesh format (obj).
- [bodysection] refactoring module: anthropometric model can be edited. Handles of type of dimension with relative or absolute taget value
71 72
- [kriging] skin transformation now possible using surface distance instead of euclidean
- [kriging] kriging with intermediate bone and skin target

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v0.8.0 - 01/2017
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- [pre-posi] improve stability of the spine controller and the spine predictor
- [pre-posi] add control on the user target stiffness
- [pre-posi] add a clipping plane to inspect the 3D model
- [pre-posi] fix flesh attachment bug
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- [framework] add generic tooltip
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- [framework] the application remembers your last used folders
- [framework] python scripts can be run at any time in the workflow
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v0.7.0 - 11/2016
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- [application] add landmarks and nodes exporter to simple ascii files
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- [pre-posi] lazy simulation loading, do not reload simulation if it is already ready
- [pre-posi] updated spine predictor, with or without pelvis orientation
- [pre-posi] spine target is reached progressively to improve simulation stability
- [pre-posi] let the user control more simulation parameters (timestep, number of vertices for bone collision)
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- [smoothing] allowed selecting multiple entities as targets for optimization by all smoothing techniques
- [3D viewer] Element blanking to allow exploration of inside of the model
- [3D viewer] Display settings: setting camera focal point, resetting camera, switching projection type
- [3D viewer] Highlighting element edges and normals
- [3D viewer] Camera and display settings are now persistent across all modules
- [3D viewer] Improved stability (due to safer handling of interaction between "computational" and rendering threads)
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v0.6 - 10/2016 - alpha version
100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108
- [pre-posi] new limited mouse interaction with the model
- [pre-posi] new spine predictor
- [pre-posi] new spine controller
- [pre-posi] new anatomical landmark controllers
- [fine-posi] slightly better affine frame spreading in the model
- [pre-posi] soft and hard joint simulation
- [pre-posi] loading of targets
- [pre-posi] bone collision
- [pre-posi] automatic stop of the positioning process
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109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118
- [app] model-modifying actions now create a history of node coordinates to which the user can roll-back
- [bodysection] new module for scaling the model based on body section dimension targets
- [anthropo-perso] new module for generating anthropometric measurement targets based on statistical regression analysis of a specified database
- [smoothing] crease detection on surfaces
- [smoothing] transformation smoothing using kriging in a box
- [smoothing] surface smoothing using windowed sinc FIR filter
- [smoothing] mechanism for loading baseline models either from file or from history
- [3D viewer] VTK-based 3D viewer - model exploration, visualization of metadata
- [3D viewer] Picking tools: rubber band, box and single-object picking
- [3D viewer] Coloring elements based on quality
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- [app] uniform module layout, use of tool windows to gather specific parts of the GUI
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v0.5 - 12/2015
- [smoothing] new smoothing module based on the Mesquite library
124 125 126
- [fine-posi] new physics based module for positioned module deformation, it is based on the [pre-posi]
- [pre-posi] control over frame orientation, ability to remove controllers
- [pre-posi] save some targets
127 128
- [laplacian-smoothing] this module is removed
- [app] modules can have parameters
129 130 131
- [framework] target data structure as an input/output for modules, can be saved/loaded to/from an xml file
- [framework] environment can be loaded from FE code files
- [framework] piper application save/load project files which contain the FEModel, targets and environment.
132 133
- [iitd] new module to define contours metadata and position hip and knee, personalize the hbm.
- [mesh-optim] new module to analyze mesh quality and improve mesh quality for 3D elements meshes.

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v0.4 - 09/2015

138 139
- [pre-posi] positioning of the frames, more display options
- [pre-posi] support contact
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- [libhbm] support contact
- [libhbm] split parser files in a format specific file and a model specific file
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v0.3 - 07/2015

- same functionalities as 0.2 but using double precision for floating point numbers: it consumes more memory but sofa-positioning is more stable.
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v0.2 - 07/2015

- package for both windows and linux
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- new module physics-positioning

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v0.1 - 05/2015

157 158
- initial version of the PIPER application for windows
- it includes the following modules: check, 3d-display, krigging, sofa-smoothing, scaling parameter