Commit 6fb409dd authored by Thibault Lejemble's avatar Thibault Lejemble

compute weight derivatives

parent 7f41d227
......@@ -29,8 +29,20 @@ MlsSphereFitDer<DataPoint, _WFunctor, T>::addNeighbor(const DataPoint& _nei)
// centered basis
VectorType q = _nei.pos() - Base::basisCenter();
Matrix d2w;
d2w;//TODO(thib) computes d2w wrt Scale/Space der type
// compute weight derivatives
Matrix d2w = Matrix::Zero();
if (Base::isScaleDer())
d2w(0,0) = Base::m_w.scaled2w(q, _nei);
if (Base::isSpaceDer())
d2w.template bottomRightCorner<Dim,Dim>() = Base::m_w.spaced2w(q, _nei);
if (Base::isScaleDer() && Base::isSpaceDer())
d2w.template bottomLeftCorner<Dim,1>() = Base::m_w.scaleSpaced2w(q,_nei);
d2w.template topRightCorner<1,Dim>() = d2w.template bottomLeftCorner<Dim,1>().transpose();
m_d2SumDotPN += d2w * _nei.normal().dot(q);
m_d2SumDotPP += d2w * q.squaredNorm();
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