Commit 5d836eff authored by Simon Boyé's avatar Simon Boyé

Updated vitelotte's section of the changelog

parent eb1f3ef5
......@@ -4,7 +4,18 @@ Changelog
- Vitelotte
- Core
# First release of Vitelotte which include a datastructure for
mesh-based vector graphics, a FEM diffusion solver, an OpenGL renderer
and I/O in the mvg file format
- Examples
# tutorial: a simple application to demonstrate basic usage of Vitelotte
# mvgtk: a CLI tool to manipulate mvg files
# mvg_editor: a simple GUI tool to edit mvg files
# mvg_viewer: a lightweigh OpenGL viewer
- Doc
# Added the Vitelotte section, with user manual for the main
functionalities and basic explanations of the examples
- Grenaille
- Core
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