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bit of doc on UTIA, more todo

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......@@ -604,9 +604,7 @@ Note for both sheen and specular tint, the colored response is the achromatic ra
## Measured BRDF
There are several
Here is the list of measured BSDF present in Malia:
Here is the list of measured BSDF supported in Malia:
- <a class="current" href="./scene_format.md.html#toc3.3.1">ALTA BRDF (isotropic)</a>
- <a class="current" href="./scene_format.md.html#toc3.3.2">UTIA BRDF</a>
......@@ -786,6 +784,8 @@ Example of UTIA materials, both 2D (isotropic) and 4D (anisotropic):
<!-- TODO MORE DOC HERE !!! -->
## Shadow Catcher
The shadow catcher is a proxy material to project shadows on the environment. It must be use with a plane geometry.
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