Commit a0084b3b authored by Romain Pacanowski's avatar Romain Pacanowski
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MInor. more precise explanation on timing

parent 3b3e5e9e
......@@ -245,7 +245,7 @@ Viewer::Viewer(std::string const &full_path_to_mesh)
std::vector<mrf::math::Vec3f>().swap(_tangents); std::vector<mrf::math::Vec3f>().swap(_uvs); std::vector<mrf::math::Vec3f>().swap(_color_per_vertex);
std::cout <<"[TRACE] Data re-ordering for VBO Completed. " << ply_timer ;
std::cout <<"[TRACE] Data re-ordering (including normals and tangents computation) for VBO Completed. " << ply_timer ;
std::cout <<"[INFO] Available RAM Memory in MB is " << mrf::util::CPUMemory::availableMemory() << std::endl;
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