1. 03 Apr, 2013 1 commit
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      build: · f6d58380
      Jussi Lindgren authored
       * OpenViBE will now compile without VRPN. If VRPN is not present, the depending modules will be skipped.
       * Split FindThirdPartyVRPN to two parts, one that looks for the component, and another that adds the libraries/includes etc.
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@3558 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
  2. 29 Mar, 2013 4 commits
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      plugins/python: · 04b00955
      Jussi Lindgren authored
       * Fixed Linux compilation issue introduced in previous commit
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@3557 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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      plugins: · 4d8cc28b
      Jussi Lindgren authored
       * Added notes to the origins of the stimulation codes
       * Python scripting box will now stop if there was an error executing the process script
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@3556 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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      plugins/stimulation: · bd126377
      Jussi Lindgren authored
       * Lua stimulator will now detect lua errors and disable the box if they occur (however, disabling the box requires the lua script to have exit). 
       * SSVEP lua scripts will now raise an error if they can't write their configuration files to the scenario dir
       * Minor tweaks to the Time Arithmetic test app
       * Made OpenViBE::Directories constructor private as its supposed to be a static class
      install & packaging:
       * Windows installer was using old filename prefixes, fixed. Commented out the priviledged access to Program Files/openvibe, this should no longer be needed as OpenViBE should no longer write there (except for possibly some of the scenarios, these scenarios should be copied elsewhere by the user before use).
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@3555 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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      scenarios: · 28e2f93e
      Jussi Lindgren authored
       * Changed .lua scripts to use the Path_Data token instead of getting the path prefix from the ENV variable. Note that the setup of the stimulation codes could be moved to initialize() because the scope of the variables the file sets is global.
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@3554 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
  3. 28 Mar, 2013 6 commits
  4. 27 Mar, 2013 2 commits
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      kernel: · 90054429
      Jussi Lindgren authored
       + Added Loic Mahe's (Inria) time arithmetics interface/class
       * Removed the time conversion routine, please use functions from ovITimeArithmetics.h
       * Stimulation Voter now uses the conversion function from the time arithmetics interface
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@3547 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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      launch scripts: · 61998a4f
      Jussi Lindgren authored
       - Removed the unnecessary and user-complaint-prone renice command on the Linux launch script. User can run nice before the script if this is called for.
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@3546 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
  5. 26 Mar, 2013 3 commits
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      everything: · c59289ab
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       * Changed occurrences of <stdlib.h> to <cstdlib>
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@3545 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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      plugins: · 87bbef13
      Jussi Lindgren authored
       * Some boxes were using getDataDir() in their parameters although ${Path_Data} token would have been usable. Fixed. Note that several more occurrences remain in different circumstances but they should be checked that they expand the token as well.
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@3544 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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      plugins/stimulation: · e593c726
      Jussi Lindgren authored
       + Added Stimulation Voter box. This is similar to Voting Classifier, with the difference that this has more user-selectable parameters. For example, it can choose how to tag the output, and has a time window. Also, it can vote on arbitrary number of non-specified stimuli types.
       * Fixed use of some reserved keywords in Keyboard Stimulator, confusing Visual Studio debugger.
       * Added function to convert time from 32:32 fixed point representation to seconds. Note that in future this should be in the time arithmetic class.
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@3543 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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