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      openvibe-scenarios: · 1ed3d3b6
      Jussi Lindgren authored
       * Example scenarios now write files such as classifiers, configs and signals under a folder specified by the scenario path token instead of what $Path_Samples points to. Lua scripts are likewise accessed using the scenario token. Shared, read-only data files are still read from $Path_Samples/signals/. The  purpose of this modification is to allow scenario folders to be copied around, and once a scenario is copied to user-writeable filesystem space, it no longer writes to the installation tree (e.g. under Program Files/ on Windows, which should be read-only for apps). This approach also allows several copies and parameterizations of the same scenario to co-exist without interference (provided that each scenario is in a different folder).
       * Moved python box tutorials one directory backwards in the tree so they can access their datas using the scenario token dir without having to refer backwards in the directory tree.
       + Added motor imagery classifier example config to handball scenario so it doesn't need to look inside motor imagery scenario directory.
       * Added .cfg extensions to the classifier files of the SSVEP scenario.
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@3517 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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      everything: · b7ff1bc9
      Jussi Lindgren authored
       * Integrated NeuroDebian packaging patches from Nicolas Bourdaud with some heavy modifications
       * Build now 'understands' typical GNU install dirs on Linux
       * Path tokens in configuration manager now point to the install locations by default (can be overridden by .conf files)
       * Basic folders such as "log/" are no longer created by install as this can cause trouble with the GNU style installs
       * Various relative paths are no longer hard-coded. Paths pointing to "../share", "../lib" and "../bin" have been replaced with function calls that query environment variables OV_DATADIR, OV_LIBDIR, and OV_BINDIR respectively (in openvibe/ov_directories.h). The env variables are configured in the Linux launch scripts by CMake. For Windows, the launch scripts will set up env variable paths relative to the script folder. Additionally, after configuration manager is up, tokens such as Data_Path etc can be used instead to get these folders. Note that the getters in ov_directories.h will not be affected by changing the configuration token values.
       * COgreVisualisation will now expand OpenViBE style configuration tokens in the ogre's resources.cfg
       * By default everything is still installed under dist/. For Linux, its now a one-line change in the main CMakeLists.txt to get it to install everything to the usual GNU locations. However, this still needs testing.
       * Logs and configs now reside in $HOME/.config/openvibe on Linux and $APPDATA/openvibe on Windows. Configurations in old locations are still read, but not written. The new location is returned by the conf token ${OpenVibeUserFolder}.
       * Empty directories are no longer tried to be installed by CMake (git doesn't like empty dirs)
       * Restored g_thread_init() inside #if test for version. We still need this call on Windows or it'll crash.
       * Windows boost dependency updated to 1.47, added boost libs for filesystem. 
       * Changed Fieldtrip to rely on the stdint.h supplied with the compiler (works on VC10 at least) instead of the custom version, as that caused problems with the regular stdint.h brought in by boost 1.47. 
       + CString: Added [] subscript operator, added length() member
       * The VR demo will now create proper ogre/cegui file logs instead of spamming the console
       * The VR demo will now create proper ogre/cegui file logs instead of spamming the console 
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@3474 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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      openvibe-plugins-signal-processing : · 97a1c3d5
      Yann Renard authored
       - removed branch wip-yrenard
       + merged branch wip-yrenard to trunc resulting in the following changes :
          * deprecated reference channel
          * deprecated channel selector
          + added new reference channel box w/ smart channel selection (name + 1-based index)
          + added new channel selection box w/ smart channel selection / rejection (name + 1-based index)
      openvibe-scenarios :
       * updated scenarios with new channel selector and new reference channel
       * updated scenarios with weirdly outdated classifier processor
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@2950 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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      openvibe-plugins-signal-processing : · 9dda1415
      Yann Renard authored
       * reimplemented Spatial Filter in order to consider signal, spectrum & streamed matrix - preserved compatibility with previous version
       * marked steady state frequency comparison as deprecated (can be performed much better with a mix of simple dsp + feature agregator)
       * marked band frequency average as deprecated (can be performed much better with a mix of frequency band selector + spectrum average)
      openvibe-plugins-signal-processing-gpl :
       * marked naive bayes classifier as deprecated (should be reimplemented as a classification algorithm + integrated in the classifier trainer / classifier processor + use an understandable or documented configuration file)
       * marked lda as deprecated (does not fit regular classifier behavior - multi class lda should be implemented as a classification algorithm + integrated in the classifier trainer / processor)
      openvibe-scenarios :
       * updated box-tutorials and bci scenarios with the new spatial filter box
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@2663 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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