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      === KERNEL AND UTILITIES === · 6ec40910
      OpenViBE Posse authored
      openvibe :
       + added possibility for master kernel context when creating a kernel context
       * replaced "-" range separator with ":" range separator (for later use of the "-" char as a reversed index in the channel selector)
      openvibe-kernel :
       + sent that master kernel context to the managers
       + added warning message when adding box an input or output with unknow stream type
       + added new configuration token Kernel_AllowUnregisteredNumericalStimulationIdentifiers to allow numerical stimulation ids to be expanded from settings - default is disabled
       + added a configuration token Plugin_Classification_RandomizeKFoldTestData (default to true) to control the randomization behavior of the classifier trainer 
       * ovkCScenarioImporterContext.h: removed the "mutable" keyword for the scenario member (reference) > mutable reference useless, and not allowed by GCC 4.6 (fedora 15 compatibility issue)
      openvibe-toolkit :
       + Templated codecs : added acquisition stream decoder
       * ovtkTDecoder.h : added an optional argument in decode(..) to tell whether to markInputAsDeprecated or not.
       * added a function to get the number of labels a feature vector set owns - can be used by classifier algorithms to check they have appropriate number of labels to be trained
       * Templated codecs : virtualized destructors so that destrucion mechanism works properly
       * TBoxAlgorithm : added important warning message for missing enumeration entry value in TBoxAlgorithm
      openvibe-modules/socket :
       * added early exit when reading 0-length data on an IConnection object
      === APPLICATIONS ===
      openvibe-application/designer :
       * fixed bug in color & color gradient settings causing configuration window not to appear and setting value not being expanded
       * ovdCInterfacedScenario.cpp : Added shortcuts for the player control : F5=stop, F6=next-step, F7=play/pause, F8=fastforward (same order as in the toolbar)
       * interface.ui : added version notice "SVN", to be changed with the installer
       * interface.ui : fixed a gtk warning on mising gtk signal callback.
       + added a driver contributed by Aurelien Van Langhenhove for capturing input from the sound card using OpenAL
       + added OpenAL dependency to the acquisition server
       - branch wip-emaby
       + Merging branch wip-emaby in trunk -r 2662:3028 resulting in following changes:
          * ovasCDriverCtfVsmMeg : debugged CTF VSM driver.
       -/+ Reversed Merge of the branch wip-emaby to trunc (-r 3028:3027). Reason : over-specialization of the driver to developer use-case.
          * ovasCDriverCtfVsmMeg : reversed to revision 3027.
       * interface-Emotiv-EPOC.ui : added a "add gyro" checkbutton
       * ovasCConfigurationEmotivEPOC.cpp/h : added a boolean for the gyro
       * ovasCDriverEmotivEPOC.cpp : added 2 channels for gyro x&y
       * ovasCDriverEmotivEPOC.cpp/h : added error checking and logging. Added debug messages.
       + Merged branch wip-lbonnet to trunc -r 2961:2972 Resulting in the following changes :
          + box.cpp-codec-toolkit-skeleton : skeleton with specific comments for the codec toolkit
          - ovsgCAlgorithmSkeletonGenerator.cpp/h : not used, noise in the forge. Also removed from ovsg_main.cpp.
          * ALL skeletons : Codec Toolkit integration and some refactoring, bug correction and better gui.
          * generator-interface.ui: removed the target directory
          * ovsgCBoxAlgorithmSkeletonGenerator.cpp : removed the target directory, now use a new dialog window when generating the files to select the destination folder
          * ovsgCSkeletonGenerator.cpp : save/load the last selected generator (driver or box)
          * generator-interface.ui : added 2 notebook pages for box listener and processing method
          * All skeletons : more comments, more tags for listener and processing method
          * ovsg_main.cpp : removed the signal connection from XML ui file -> moved to the generators
          * added a generate(...) function that generate a file based on a template and a map of substitutions.
          * initialize now return a boolean instead of void.
          * replaced cbegin and cend methods by begin and end for gcc compatibility
          * fixed bug with the icon selection box causing crash on Linux
          * fixed many typo and tag problems
       + box.cpp-codec-toolkit-skeleton : skeleton with specific comments for the codec toolkit
       * generator-interface.ui : added 2 notebook pages for box listener and processing method
       * ovsgCSkeletonGenerator.cpp : save/load the last selected generator
       * ovsg_main.cpp : removed the signal connection from XML ui file -> moved to the generators
       * All skeleton : more comments, more tags for listener and processing method
       * ovsgCBoxAlgorithmSkeletonGenerator.cpp/h: bug fixes, typo, listener and processing method added
       * ovsgCBoxAlgorithmSkeletonGenerator.cpp/h: fixed a bug with the file dialog on linux
       * box.cpp-skeleton : added "LL" to the value returned by getClockFrequency (Bugfix by O.Rochel INRIA)
       * box.cpp-codec-toolkit-skeleton : added "LL" to the value returned by getClockFrequency (Bugfix by O.Rochel INRIA)
       * ovsgCBoxAlgorithmSkeletonGenerator.cpp : fixed a perl regexp (Bugfix by O. Rochel INRIA)
       * box.cpp-skeleton : replaced the spaces by tabulation (see coding rules)
       * box.cpp-codec-toolkit-skeleton : idem
      === PLUGINS ===
       + added standard deviation measure for final performance measure
       * ovpCClassifierTrainer : modified the k-fold test so it randomizes the input data
       * fixed a potential bug in the randomization
       * ovpCAlgorithmConfusionMatrix.cpp : add the stimulation name in the row and column names (e.g. Target Class 1 --> Target Class OVTK_GDF_Right)
       - removed branch wip-bpayan-csv
       + Merged branch wip-bpayan-csv to trunk resulting in following changes:
          * AlgorithmCSVFileWriter: Allow the csv writer to receive a matrix with 1 or 2 dimensions and convert it in a CSV file.
       - removed branch wip-lbonnet
       + Merged branch wip-lbonnet with trunk resulting in the following changes:
          + ovpCBoxAlgorithmSignalConcatenation.cpp/h : new signal stream concatenation box designed to replace the deprecated signal-processing/signal concatenation box. Much faster process, more reliable.
          + Doc_BoxAlgorithm_SignalStreamConcatenation.dox-part : documentation for the Signal Stream Concatenation box.
          * ovp_main.cpp : new concatenation box declared.
       * ovpCBoxAlgorithmSignalConcatenation.cpp/h : fix for Linux.
       * ovpCBoxAlgorithmSignalConcatenation.h : fixed the setting type from StimulationS (stream) to Stimulation (type), and fixed typo in the settings.
       * CSVFileWriter : fixed signed / unsigned warning in CSV file writer
       - branch wip-bpayan-console
       + Merged branch wip-bpayan-console to trunc -r 2919:3018 resulting in the following changes: 
          * ovpCBoxAlgorithmMatlabFilter: add matlab's messages (error, warning, disp, ...) in the openvibe console
          * ovpCBoxAlgorithmMatlabFilter : patched the branch (to be integrated in 0.11.0) with the work from Joan Fruitet (INRIA Sophia-Antipolis). Added a stimulation output, reversed the input order. Code refactoring and comment.
          + doc : doxygen file and images for an example.
       + Doc_BoxAlgorithm_MatlabFilter.dox-part : added a note about OV_DEP_MATLAB to be set in win32-dependencies.cmd
       * ovpCTestCodecToolkit.cpp : minor update (log msg and comments)
      openvibe-plugins/signal-processing :
       - removed branch wip-yrenard
       + merged branch wip-yrenard to trunc resulting in the following changes :
          * deprecated reference channel
          * deprecated channel selector
          + added new reference channel box w/ smart channel selection (name + 1-based index)
          + added new channel selection box w/ smart channel selection / rejection (name + 1-based index)
       + added frequency band selector documentation
       + added channel selector documentation
       + added channel rename documentation
       * moved deprecated channel selector documentation to appropriate file
       * ovpCBoxAlgorithmChannelSelector.cpp : fixed a bug on windows with global namespace problem (forum post http://openvibe.inria.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?t=311&p=2233#p2233)
       * ovpCBoxAlgorithmChannelSelector.cpp : fixed bug on input / output type changed to update twin connector accordingly
       * ovpCBoxAlgorithmReferenceChannel.cpp : fixed a bug on windows with global namespace problem (forum post http://openvibe.inria.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?t=311&p=2233#p2233)
       * ovpCSignalConcat.h : this box is now marked as deprecated. Please use the new signal concatenation box in openvibe-plugins/file-io. box renamed to signal concatenation (deprecated).
       * fixed default setting in the channel selector from "-" to ":"
       * replaced explicit use of "-" in the frequency band selector with OV_Value_RangeStringSeparator
       * ovpCBoxAlgorithmCSPSpatialFilterTrainer.cpp : fixed an error message (missing '\n' at the end).
       * ovpCBoxAlgorithmCSPSpatialFilterTrainer : added an output for the stimulation OVTK_StimulationId_TrainCompleted.
       * Doc_BoxAlgorithm_CSPSpatialFilterTrainer.dox-part : documentation completed for above change
       * ovpCBoxAlgorithmCSPSpatialFilterTrainer.cpp : fixed a compatibility issue with Fedora (re-allocation with unknown values on itpp::mat)
       * ovpCBoxAlgorithmCSPSpatialFilterTrainer.cpp : proper train-completed stimulation when the train is successful.
       * ovpCBoxAlgorithmXDAWNSpatialFilterTrainer.cpp : same, plus info message when successful training.
       * CSP and xDAWN trainer : fixed basic stimulation handling
       - branch wip-bpayan-matrixDisplay
       + Merge branch wip-bpayan-matrixDisplay in trunk resulting in following changes:
          * CBoxAlgorithmMatrixDisplay : show matrix with one or two dimensions
       + Doc_BoxAlgorithm_DisplayCueImage.dox-part : includes missing documentation page.
       * ovpCBoxAlgorithmMatrixDisplay.cpp : performance fix
       * openvibe-simple-visualisation-ClassifierAccuracyMeasure.ui : added a "show score" button in the toolbar
       * ovpCBoxAlgorithmClassifierAccuracyMeasure.cpp/h : user can now show score and/or percentages (or none of them) in the progress bars. default is only percentages.
       * ovpCDisplayCueImage : added an output synchronized with the GTK rendering in order to have accurate timing on the presentation of the stimuli
       * SignalDisplay : fixed bug when stimulation get late in the signal display box : forced refresh so that all the stims appear
       * SignalDisplay : fixed bug on uninitialized main & table widgets in signal display
       * ovpCBoxAlgorithmStimulationFilter.cpp : added cstddef include for GCC 4.6 (Fedora 15) compatibility.
       * ovpCBoxAlgorithmOpenALSoundPlayer.cpp/h : modified the stimulation output in order to produce a stream synchronized with the OpenAL engine.
       * Doc_BoxAlgorithm_StimulationFilter.dox-part : fixed the settings documentation (not the right order)
       * Doc_BoxAlgorithm_SoundPlayer.dox-part : update for previous modification (stim synchronized with openAL engine)
       + ovpCBoxAlgorithmStreamedMatrixSwitch.cpp/h : stream switch box, that takes an input Streamed Matrix and redirect it to a particular output among N, according to input stim triggers. Chunk are just copied.
       + Doc_BoxAlgorithm_StreamSwitch.dox-part : box documentation page
       * ovp_main.cpp : stream switch registered
       * ovpCBoxAlgorithmStreamedMatrixSwitch.cpp : using decoder without marking input as deprecated
       * Server documentation : fixed the cross references mismatch
      === RESOURCES ===
      openvibe-scenarios :
       + motor-imagery-CSP : motor imagery scenarios with use of Common Spatial Pattern spatial filter. Measure of classifier performances in the replay scenario.
       * motor-imagery-bci-2-train-CSP.xml : pause the scenario when training is complete
       * p300-speller-2-train-xDAWN.xml : update the xdawn box and pause the sceanrio when training is finished.
       * motor-imagery/motor-imagery-bci-2-classifier-trainer.xml : added a player controller to stop the scenario when training is finished.
       * SSVEP : modified the SSVEP scenarios in order to use CSP
       * motor-imagery-CSP/motor-imagery-bci-2-train-CSP.xml : fixed SBE boxes name (Left <> Right)
       * motor-imagery-CSP/motor-imagery-bci-3-classifier-trainer.xml : same.
       * motor-imagery-bci-config-classifier.cfg : file for SVM fixed to LDA
       * ALL : updated scenarios with new channel selector and new reference channel
       * ALL : updated scenarios with weirdly outdated classifier processor
       * developer_codec_toolkit_ref.dox : update the codec toolkit reference page for "decode" with optional argument
       * developer_codec_toolkit_ref.dox : minor fix
       * ovpCTestCodecToolkit.h : removed the "stream" word on stimulation codecs class names.
       + acquisition_server_settings.png
       * AcquisitionServerOverview.dox : updated images (0.10.0)
       * AcquisitionServerOverview.dox : major fix in the acquisition server usage
       * AcquisitionServerOverview.dox : update for the new interface 0.10.0
       * SSVEP : modified the documentation to reflect changes in scenarios (usage of CSP)
       * ExistingScenarios.dox : added a doc page for the "Motor Imagery with CSP" scenarios.
       + added the news for the 0.10.0 release
       + added the news for the 10.1 patch
      === MISCELLANEOUS ===
      openvibe-plugins-wip-mgoyat :
      + created plugin project to grab all the contrib candidates from mgoyat in a single project
      Those contributions should be sorted out by Laurent Bonnet & Nicolas Tarin to identify
      what should be in the INRIA gForge and what should not be in the INRIA gForge.
      Reminder about this inclusion :
       * Contribution should be of interest for the community, not only for GipsaLab
       * Coding rules & naming convention should be respected
       * French comments & trace messages should be either removed or translated in english and sent to the Log Manager
       * ...
      Please care about the ecosystem !
      + created basic tree for mgoyat's contrib
      + added folders to match mgoyat' tree structure
      +/- moved all the mgoyat contributions to openvibe-plugins-wip-mgoyat
      openvibe-plugins-wip-glio :
      + created wip-glio project for centralization of glio contribs
      + created basic tree
      +/- moved all glio contribs to openvibe-plugins-wip-glio
      +/- removed all glio branches
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@3052 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@3051 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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