Commit d3bf4e96 authored by Serrière Guillaume's avatar Serrière Guillaume

Avoid the ROCCurve to create a segfault if the no-visualisation mod is active.

Signed-off-by: default avatarSerrière Guillaume <>
parent b95aec2b
......@@ -176,7 +176,15 @@ boolean CBoxAlgorithmROCCurve::computeROCCurves()
computeOneROCCurve(l_oClassLabel, i-2);
//Now we ask to the current page to draw itself
const gint l_iCurrentPage = gtk_notebook_current_page(GTK_NOTEBOOK(m_pWidget));
if(l_iCurrentPage < 0)
this->getLogManager() << LogLevel_Trace << "No page is select. The designer is probably in no visualisation mode. Discard the drawing phase\n";
return true;
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