Commit ce534b6e authored by PAPADOPOULO Theodore's avatar PAPADOPOULO Theodore

Use the parameters instead of hardwiring some values.

parent 1582b8a9
......@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ bool CBoxAlgorithmP300MagicCardVisualization::initialize()
m_idleFuncTag = 0;
m_stimulusSender = TCPTagging::CreateStimulusSender();
if (!m_stimulusSender->connect("localhost", "15361"))
if (!m_stimulusSender->connect(tcpTaggingHostAddress, tcpTaggingHostPort))
this->getLogManager() << LogLevel_Warning << "Unable to connect to AS's TCP Tagging plugin, stimuli wont be forwarded.\n";
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