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==== 0.12.0 CHANGELOG ====
Released 12th October 2011

  * ovILogListener : added log(time64) function to log listener interface.
  * ov_types.h : added the structure time64 to basic openvibe types. The
structure only has one member : the uint64 value.

openvibe-kernel :
  * fixed random crash on Ogre GTK widget initialization (the code was
actually marked as deprecated so I updated to newer Glib API)
  * openvibe.conf : added tokens for the optional hexa output and time
in seconds/precision for the log listeners.
  * ovkCLogListenerFile, ovkCLogListenerNull, ovkCLogListenerConsole :
Added the log(time64) function to print time in seconds if
${Kernel_ConsoleLogTimeInSeconds} is set (default true for the console,
false for the file); precision taken from
${Kernel_ConsoleLogTimePrecision} (default 3 digits). Modified the
hexadecimal output to be optional with ${Kernel_ConsoleLogWithHexa}
(default false for console, true for file).
  * ovkCLogManager : Added the log(time64) function.
  * ovkCAlgorithmContext; ovkCKernelContext; ovkCObjectVisitorContext;
ovkCPluginModule;ovkCBoxListenerContext : added bridge function for
  * ovkCPlayerContext : added bridge function for log(time64), print log
message prefix with time64 ("at time ...").

openvibe-toolkit :
  * updated OpenViBEToolkit::Tools::String::split behavior so that it
uses a callback object to store splitted tokens instead of a
preallocated string array
  * ovtkTTrainingBoxAlgorithm : log all times and dates with time64
typed values.

  * ovdCLogListenerDesigner : Added the log(time64) function to print
time in seconds if ${Designer_ConsoleLogTimeInSeconds} is set (default
true); precision taken from ${Designer_ConsoleLogTimePrecision} (default
3 digits). Modified the hexadecimal output to be optional with
${Designer_ConsoleLogWithHexa} (default false).

  * interface-Emotiv-EPOC.ui : added a folder selection to the local
Emotiv SDK
  * ovasCConfigurationEmotivEPOC : added the Emotiv sdk path
  * ovasCDriverEmotivEPOC.cpp : delayload safe guard for first call to
  * ovasCAcquisitionServerGUI : added a token to save the path to emotiv
SDK in the application config file.
  * interface-GTec-GUSBamp.ui : added a configuration dialog for common
ground and ref selection among the 4 amp blocks. Added a configuration
dialog for filter selection (notch and band pass).
  * ovasCConfigurationGTecGUSBamp : added gtk callbacks and references
to save the new settings (common gnd & ref; filters)
  * ovasCDriverGTecGUSBamp : now uses the amplifier integrated filters
and common ref and gnd  as requested by the user.

  * fixed a bug causing SSVEP_ShipAngularSpeed to be ignored

  - deleted the branch wip-goyat, since it will not be integrated

=== PLUGINS ===
  * ovpCBoxAlgorithmSignalConcatenation.cpp : using time64 to log time
  * ovpCBoxAlgorithmLuaStimulator.cpp : using time64 to log time values.
  * ovpCBoxAlgorithmClassifierAccuracyMeasure.cpp : using time64 to log
time values.

  - removed the branch wip-gionescu which was deprecated and will be
integrated from another version of the code
  + ovpCBoxAlgorithmSynchro : Added an input synchronization box written
by Gelu Ionescu & Matthieu Goyat modified by Nicolas Tarrin
  - doc/Doc_BoxAlgorithm_Synchro.dox-part : box renamed to Stream
  + Doc_BoxAlgorithm_StreamSynchronization.dox-part : box renamed
  + SimpleDSP : optionnaly allowed to have date mismatch while
processing multiple inputs - this is usefull to contrast different ERPs
(as for instance target vs non target) but should be used with care as
the output is only produced when 1 chunk is available on each input
  * ovpCBoxAlgorithmSynchro.h : changed box name to Stream
Synchronization and category to Basic.
  * updated channel selector and channel rename to use the new split
callback design
  * ovpCBoxAlgorithmChannelSelector: inlined a function that is called
quite often
  * ovpCBoxStimulationBasedEpoching : log all times and dates with
time64 typed values.
  * ovpCSignalConcat.h : updated description to tell user to use the
Signal concatenation box in file-io instead of this deprecated one.

  - Doc_BoxAlgorithm_SignalStreamConcatenation.dox-part : box renamed to
Signal Concatenation
  + Doc_BoxAlgorithm_SignalConcatenation.dox-part : real doc page for
the box.
  * ovpCBoxAlgorithmSignalConcatenation : added a stim output that sends
OVTK_StimulationId_EndOfFile upon successful concatenation. Fixed a bug
when removing inputs resulting in bad reallocation and links of other
  * Doc_BoxAlgorithm_SignalConcatenation.dox-part : update for the new
  * electrode_set_standard_* : added the coordinates for electrode
placements T7;T8;P7;P8 (same coordinates as T3, T4, T5, T6) -
  * CSV file writer : disabled trace message

openvibe-plugins-streaming :
  * fixed bug in stream switch that caused header to be sent each time a
new buffer is sent (it was not deprecated after being processed)

  * safely guard first call to matlab engine for delay-load library on
  * fixed the default settings for cross platform coherency
  * renamed inaccurate setting.
  * now user must specify the path to matlab. It is added on windows in
the environment PATH. Settings are now properly saved at initialization
  * added the version of matlab to be installed in the error message
(32bits). Fixed typo.
  * fix compilation problem on Linux.
  * Doc_BoxAlgorithm_MatlabFilter.dox-part : minor updates + added a
note about matlab 64 bits uncompatibility
  * doc : images updated

  * ovpCBoxAlgorithmStimulationListener : log all times and dates with
time64 typed values.

  * ovpCBoxAlgorithmClock : log all times and dates with time64 typed

  * ovpCBoxAlgorithmOpenALSoundPlayer.cpp : resync stimulation date
  * ovpCBoxAlgorithmOpenALSoundPlayer.cpp : fixed a bug with "play"
output stimulation not being sent under certain conditions.

  * Doc_BoxAlgorithm_XDAWNSpatialFilterTrainer.dox-part : updated
"outputs" section of the documentation page.

  + motor-imagery-replay.png : image for the MI-CSP documentation page
  * openvibe.dox : added reference to the motor-imagery-CSP scenarios
  * ExistingScenarios.dox : minor fix
  * faq.dox : fixed color in the compatibility table
  * faq.dox : updated the supported platform (added win7 64b official
support --> lbonnet) and last built time. Added 0.11.0 functionalities +
  * header.html : updated the contacts on the left sidebar

openvibe-website :
  * index.php : updated the news and download sections for the 0.11.0

  * build scripts : the matlab box is now in the default build order.
  * win32-openvibe-x.x.x-setup.nsi : added a warning about possible
firewall problem when downloading DirectX (MantisId#0000058)
   * win32-build.cmd : added optional flags to customize the build
process (use win32-build.cmd --help for usage)
   Usage: win32-build.cmd [Build Type] [Init-env Script]
     -- Build Type option can be : --release (-r) or --debug (-d).
Default is release.
     -- Default Init-env script is: win32-init_env_command.cmd
  * win32-openvibe-x.x.x-setup.nsi : added AccessControl plugin call to
give full r/w rights on the installation directory (problem on win7 32b)

  * FindThirdPartyUSBFirstAmpAPI.cmake : added the path to default
install directory of the API on windows 7 (suffix "x86").
  * FindThirdPartyEmotivAPI.cmake : added the /DELAYLOAD flag in the
link properties.
  * FindThirdPartyEmotivAPI.cmake : added a compilation option to delay
the load of Edk.dll. removed the dll copy at post-build.
  * FindThirdPartyGUSBampCAPI.cmake : now search into the right path,
for compatibility with the latest gtec API version (3.11). Added path
for windows 7 64b edition (suffix "(x86)" in path).
  * FindThirdPartyMatlab.cmake : delay-load matlab dlls.

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