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      core/applications: · bac765e1
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       * Added some stub cmakefiles to get applications/ to compile. Please delete these and replace with the actual ones when integrating the corresponding components.
       + Added id-generator
       + Added plugin-inspector
       + Added skeleton-generator
       + Added vrpn-simulator
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      Whole build system: · 6e7dde15
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       * WARNING: this commit is likely to break something. Please let us know what and where. 
       * NOTE:  It is important to clean your source tree of non-versioned files before re-building this new revision of OpenViBE. Do a fresh checkout for simplicity. 
       * A lot of functionality has been moved to portable CMake code from the platform specific scripts
       * Dependencies are explicitly handled with cmakelists. Calling Find* for OpenViBE component now specifies an explicit lib dependency.
       * Correct visual studio project generation, tested on VC 2010 Express. Use win32-generate-vc-proj.cmd to generate a project, and win32-launch-vc.cmd to start VS with env vars set. You may have to tinker the launched .exe for other versions of VS.
       * 'Openvibe style branching' is still supported
       * Includes are no longer copied before they're used. This helps visual studio development (i.e. always edit/locate the real source header)	
       * Tested that applications still run on linux mint & win7. Also tested a few scenarios.
       * ${OpenViBE_blahblah} environment variables have been largely removed. If you need to have source tree all over your filesystem, replace the folders in question with symbolic links?
       * Build should be completely 'out-of-source' : everything that build produces should now be written under local-tmp/ and dist/, no mods to the source tree.
       * Cmake install target now takes care of file copying to dist/
       * We still have separate build scripts for the two platforms. But now these mainly set some environment variables and call CMake. We can't launch vsvars32.bat from inside cmake it seems, so at least a tiny win script needs to be present to launch cmake and set the dependencies up.
       * Parts of Openvibe can be built as Debug while rest is built as release by either toggling configuration manager config for the project in Visual Studio, or walking to the desired directory in local-tmp and hitting 'nmake install' or 'make install' there
       * Application launch scripts are now built from a few templates both on win and linux.
       * Existing WIP-branches have not been converted to the new build. If you really need one converted, let us know.
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