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      merged -r 1980:HEAD branch wip-thread to trunc for project... · 0ec876a5
      Yann Renard authored
      merged -r 1980:HEAD branch wip-thread to trunc for project openvibe-application-acquisition-server resulting in the following changes :
      openvibe-application-acquisition-server :
       + added thread support in the acquisition server
       + allowed token to configure impedance check with gtec gusbamp
       + added "sleep" call in g.Tec g.USBMamp driver so to release CPU while not started
       + added double mutex protection so to release CPU on the acquisition server thread and let the GUI thread work when it needs to
       + added service to monitor and correct jittering in the driver context
       + added the ability in the acquisition server to buffer the samples / stims (avoids the "drop" buffer)
       + added saw tooth sample driver
       + added tolerance access and sample count correction suggestion in the driver context
       + added auto jitter correction in g.Tec gUSBamp driver
       * merged the two .glade files of vamp driver
       * the application relies on the acquisition server GUI which in turn relies on an acquisition server thread that forwards the gui requests to the actual acquisition server
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@2024 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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      openvibe-application-acquisition-server : · 666b41f4
      Yann Renard authored
       * merged wip-mergre branch to trunc
       - removed wip-merge branch
       * updated wip-mayaudlo branch according to trunc
       + added stimulation support
       + added CTF/VSM Meg support
       + added BrainAmp ScalpEEG support (stimulation sending process not yet validated)
       + added Micromed IntraEEG support
       * updated kernel loading process based on the new API
       * corrected spelling mistake (replaced sex by gender)
       * updated communication protocol (now uses AcquisitionStreamEncoder)
       * updated header configuration process
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@1395 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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      · 4ee571d2
      Yann Renard authored
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@1394 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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      merged wip-vdelannoy branch trunc -r 1144:1216 for openvibe · 0c81687b
      Yann Renard authored
      merged wip-vdelannoy branch trunc -r 1148:1216 for openvibe-kernel
      merged wip-vdelannoy branch trunc -r  869:1216 for openvibe-plugins-simple-visualisation
      merged wip-vdelannoy branch trunc -r 1201:1204 for openvibe-plugins-samples
      merged wip-vdelannoy branch trunc -r 1146:1216 for openvibe-applications-designer
      openvibe :
       + added documentation
       + added drafts of OV managers documentation
       + added operator < to CString so that it can be used in ordered containers such as a map
       + added getVisualisationTreeDetails method to IScenario (used e.g. when loading a tree from a file)
       + added EResourceType enum (used when adding resource locations)
       + added resource group management methods
       + added 3D API methods
       * changed setWidgets to setToolbar and setWidget methods, so that a plugin doesn't have to declare a toolbar if it doesn't own one
       * several portability / indentation issues
      openvibe-kernel :
       - removed deprecated find ogre3d scripts/win32-build.cmd
       + added custom GTK widget and its 'handler' interface
       + added material management classes and animators allowing for modification of object attributes (TRS, material color/transparency, vertex colors)
       + added 3D related classes (3D context initialization, window/scene/object/resourcegroup/animator management)
       + added 3D widget creation and 3D scene management
       + added getVisualisationTreeDetails method
       + added visit implementation for IVisualisationTree. Such visit is called when IScenario is visited
       + added resource group management
       + added primary render window management by the visualisation manager at startup time
       + added visitor handling to visualisationTree/Widget
       + added OBT dependency so dot scene interface stuff can work
       * corrected typos
       * changed setWidgets to setToolbar and setWidget
       * several portability / indentation issues
      openvibe-tookit :
       * removed virtual heritage
      openvibe-module-* :
       * removed virtual heritage
      openvibe-plugins-simple-visualisation :
       - removed response ids of buttons in DisplayChannelSelectDialog
       - removed expand=false properties from toolbar buttons
       - removed code which hides plugin toolbar upon delete event reception. This is now taken care of by the PlayerVisualisation class.
       - removed custom widget handler tests
       - removed delete event handler (now handled by PlayerVisualisation)
       - removed static targets from the CMakeLists.txt
       + added window placement hint to MainWindow's ScrollWindow
       + added glade files for new plugins
       + added Simple3DDisplay example plugin. Meant to show how to use 3D API
       + added VoxelDisplay example plugin. Meant to represent brain as animated voxels.
       + added 3d version of TopographicMap. Potentials are mapped on a 3D mesh.
       + added 2d version of TopographicMap. Potentials are mapped on a 2D drawing area.
       + added database class to be used by TopographicMap plugins (both 2D and 3D). It handles communication with the SphericalSplineAlgorithm, which interpolates potentials on the scalp. TODO : use stream codecs instead of clases such as this.
       + added 2D/3DTopographicMapDisplay plugins, VoxelDisplay plugin, Simple3DDisplay plugin and SphericalSplineInterpolation plugin
       + added algorithms directory in which to store algorithms used by visualisation plugins
       + added frequency information reading from database
       + added logging of electrode labels at LogLevel_Info level
       + added header files to source GLOB so to have headers in visual studio generated projects
       + CBufferDatabase:added isFirstBufferReceived()
       + CBufferDatabase:added getElectrodeXXX methods for standard electrode info (use getChannelXXX methods to retrieve channel info based on what channels are used in the current experiment)
       * modified setWidgets (now setWidget and setToolbar)
       * toolbars aren't resizable anymore
       * modified default time scale of TF plugin (now 10s as for other plugins)
       * modified PS plugin so that there is only one frequency scale at the bottom of the plugin display area (as in the Signal Display plugin and its single time scale)
       * changed default visibility setting of vertical power scales to 'false' (as with the vertical scale of the Signal Display plugin)
       * modified SD plugin so that windows now pop up under mouse cursor
       * modified PS plugin so that there is only one frequency scale at the bottom of the plugin display area (as in the Signal Display plugin and its single time scale)
       * modified SD files : minor comments/code changes (no changes to functionalities)
       * changed scrollbars policy in MainWindow
       * reflected change of namespace for EPluginFunctionality enum
       * changed meaning of m_bFirstBufferReceived flag : it is false by default and becomes true upon first buffer reception (which is semantically easier to understand!)
       * modified height size request to be 20 (in order to be equal to the bottom ruler of the power spectrum, which displays a frequencies scale of 20 pixels height).
       * modified left ruler and spectrum channel display area to be a minimum of 20 pixels high (as with the SignalDisplay widget).
       * added some newlines
       * modified size request so as to be the same as that of SignalDisplay (20 pixels high channels)
       * modified code which adds the bottom ruler
       * fixed a bug when interpolating values : samples counter was not incremented.
       * renamed drawPotentials as refreshPotentials (since it only updates an RGB buffer)
       * modified drawPotentials so that it actually performs the drawing
       * modified default projection mode (now radial)
       * reversed colors order in palettes (first colors now correspond to negative potentials, last colors to positive potentials)
       * renamed drawPotentials as refreshPotentials (since it only updates an RGB buffer)
       * modified drawPotentials so that it actually performs the drawing
       * fixed radial projection (scaling factor was wrongly computed)
       * slightly modified some sources in order to compile with g++ (GCC) 4.1.3 20070929 (prerelease) (Ubuntu 4.1.2-16ubuntu2)
       * 3DViewer modified it to allow for color modification of material OR vertex colors
       * several portability / indentation issues
      openvibe-plugins-samples :
       + added visualisationtree serialization
      openvibe-plugins-stimulation :
       * corrected bug on keyboard stimulator (uninitialized stimulation identifier caused random stimulation values under windows)
      openvibe-applications-designer :
       - removed a useless attribute of visualisation paned widgets
       - removed creation of a default window in init(). This is now done from elsewhere upon new scenario creation only.
       - removed "horizontal" attribute from paned widgets. A difference is made between vertical and horizontal paned in their 'type' member
       + added 3D context initialisation
       + added callback for window manager close event
       + added parameter to constructor (reference on interfaced scenario)
       + added methods handling the designer visualisation toggle state
       + added a fix handling old scenarios (those which don't have a <VisualisationTree> section) to be removed later
       * moved CApplication to dedicated .h/.cpp files
       * moved GTK initialisation
       * corrected English typos ;)
       * moved CApplication code from ovd_main to these files
       * set newVisualisationWindow public, so that a default window can be created from outside upon new scenario creation
       * handled toolbar and widget separately
       * window manager button is now a toggle button
       * changed some Ogre3D log levels
       * Gtk must be initialized BEFORE the 3D context since this context uses a Gtk widget to embed the primary render window
       * modified ogre3d plugin file path to take debug/release into account as in the ogre3d standard SDK distribution
       * several portability / indentation issues
      openvibe-applications-plugin-inspector :
       + added box algorithm snapshot generator
       + added box algorithm template documentation generator
       * reorganised code
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@1217 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f
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      imerged wip-yrenard branch to trunc -r 178:310 for openvibe-application-acquisition-server · 193b9b44
      Yann Renard authored
      openvibe-application-acquisition-server :
       + created correct share/ tree
       + added openvibe dependancy
       + added openvibe-toolkit dependancy
       + driver turned to C++ better than C
       + added driver name
       + added combo box to choose driver
       + added per driver configuration capabilities
       + added default sampling rate / channel count for MindMedia NeXus32B driver
       + added default sampling rate / channel count for Generic oscillator driver
       * application changed to use new shared file location
       * moved header interface out of the main server classes (some driver may fill the header themselves)
       * modified subject sex identification to ISO 5218 values
       * moved shared files in correct folder
       * corrected bug causing crash when sending data on socket that is not ready to send
       * modified oscillator driver to generate more significant values
      git-svn-id: svn://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/openvibe@311 c330d7e9-fc0c-0410-a5b3-fd85c6f5aa8f