Commit f61a1edb authored by Jussi Lindgren's avatar Jussi Lindgren
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Build: Windows dep. installer now gets the DirectX Jun2010 needed by VS120 Ogre

parent 00efd405
...@@ -107,16 +107,17 @@ Section "DirectX Runtime" ...@@ -107,16 +107,17 @@ Section "DirectX Runtime"
SetOutPath "$INSTDIR" SetOutPath "$INSTDIR"
IfFileExists "$SYSDIR\d3dx9_42.dll" no_need_to_install_directx IfFileExists "$SYSDIR\d3dx9_43.dll" no_need_to_install_directx
IfFileExists "arch\openvibe-directx.exe" no_need_to_download_directx IfFileExists "arch\directx-jun2010.exe" no_need_to_download_directx
NSISdl::download "" "arch\openvibe-directx.exe" NSISdl::download "" "arch\directx-jun2010.exe"
Pop $R0 ; Get the return value Pop $R0 ; Get the return value
StrCmp $R0 "success" +3 StrCmp $R0 "success" +3
MessageBox MB_OK "Download failed: $R0" /SD IDOK MessageBox MB_OK "Download failed: $R0" /SD IDOK
Quit Quit
no_need_to_download_directx: no_need_to_download_directx:
ExecWait '"arch\openvibe-directx.exe" /T:"$INSTDIR\tmp" /Q' ExecWait '"arch\directx-jun2010.exe" /T:"$INSTDIR\tmp" /Q'
ExecWait '"$INSTDIR\tmp\DXSETUP.exe" /silent' ExecWait '"$INSTDIR\tmp\DXSETUP.exe" /silent'
RMDir /r "$INSTDIR\tmp"
no_need_to_install_directx: no_need_to_install_directx:
SectionEnd SectionEnd
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