Commit 8098ce7e authored by Jussi Lindgren's avatar Jussi Lindgren

Plugins: Fixed array stepping bug in matrix transpose box

parent 72f1f6ae
......@@ -107,8 +107,8 @@ boolean CBoxAlgorithmMatrixTranspose::process(void)
// 2 dim
const uint32 l_ui32nCols = l_pInput->getDimensionSize(0);
const uint32 l_ui32nRows = l_pInput->getDimensionSize(1);
const uint32 l_ui32nRows = l_pInput->getDimensionSize(0);
const uint32 l_ui32nCols = l_pInput->getDimensionSize(1);
const float64* l_pInputBuffer = l_pInput->getBuffer();
float64* l_pOutputBuffer = l_pOutput->getBuffer();
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