Commit 38a075ef authored by Serrière Guillaume's avatar Serrière Guillaume

Add some specifications and notes for no-gui/no-visualisation/invisible mode.

Signed-off-by: default avatarSerrière Guillaume <>
parent a5237103
......@@ -300,7 +300,17 @@ typedef struct _SConfiguration
} SConfiguration;
/* About hide/show flags.
* no-gui => hides the designer main window, shows visualisation widgets.
* no-visualisation => shows the designer main window, hides display of visualisation widgets.
* invisible => hides both designer main window and visualisation widgets.
* About implied option flag.
* If the designer main window is not visible the flag no-session-management must be activated to avoid to increase the amount of open scenarios at
* each launch.
* If the designer main window is not visible, the flag no-check-color-depth can be activated (the color depth has been reported to cause trouble
* only in the designer main window).
boolean parse_arguments(int argc, char** argv, SConfiguration& rConfiguration)
SConfiguration l_oConfiguration;
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