Commit 3889f164 authored by Dieter Devlaminck's avatar Dieter Devlaminck

fixed bug in 5by10grid-gray.xml

parent 8c943c19
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
<PredictionArea x="0.05" y="0.25" width="0" height="0" ncolumns="0" nrows="0">
<P300Keyboard x="0.05" y="0.25" width="0.9" height="0.7" numberOfStandardKeys="43">
<P300Keyboard x="0.05" y="0.25" width="0.9" height="0.7" numberOfStandardKeys="42">
<Key x="0" y="0.8" width="0.1" height="0.2">
<Event id="noflash"><TextSymbol><Label>A</Label></TextSymbol></Event>
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