Commit 0001b770 authored by Jussi Lindgren's avatar Jussi Lindgren
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Merge branch 'release-1.1.0-bugfixes' of git+ssh://

parents e552372a fd87751b
......@@ -377,7 +377,7 @@ boolean CAlgorithmClassifierSVM::classify(const IFeatureVector& rFeatureVector,
for(int i=0;i<m_pModel->nr_class;i++)
this->getLogManager() << LogLevel_Trace << "index:"<<i<<" label:"<< m_pModel->label[i]<<" probability:"<<l_pProbEstimates[i]<<"\n";
rProbabilityValue[ (m_pModel->label[i])-1 ]=l_pProbEstimates[i];
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