Commit e57b565f authored by Eric Bruneton's avatar Eric Bruneton
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removed spurious code

git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// 28599a00-4e59-401b-b2d8-d34d4661a6c9
parent 8b317ff2
......@@ -32,20 +32,6 @@ ptr<FrameBuffer> getFrameBuffer(RenderBuffer::RenderBufferFormat f, int w, int h
ptr<FrameBuffer> fb = getFrameBuffer(RenderBuffer::R32F, 1, 1);
ptr<Program> q = new Program(new Module(400, "\
subroutine int sr(int x);\n\
subroutine (sr) int sr1(int x) { return x; }\n\
subroutine (sr) int sr2(int x) { return x + 1; }\n\
subroutine uniform sr u;\n\
void main() { gl_Position = vec4(float(u(0))); }", "\
subroutine int sru(int x, int y);\n\
subroutine (sru) int sr1(int x, int y) { return x; }\n\
subroutine (sru) int sr2(int x, int y) { return x + y; }\n\
subroutine uniform sru u;\n\
layout(location=0) out vec4 color;\n\
void main() { color = vec4(float(u(0, 1))); }\n"));
ptr<Program> p = new Program(new Module(330, NULL, "\
uniform float u;\n\
layout(location=0) out vec4 color;\n\
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