Mise à jour terminée. Pour connaître les apports de la version 13.8.4 par rapport à notre ancienne version vous pouvez lire les "Release Notes" suivantes :

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......@@ -7,17 +7,17 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
# The path to the compressed filesystem image
# We can point to local file since our homedir is available from NFS
FSIMG = "file:///home/rolivo/distem_img/distem-fs-jessie.tar.gz"
FSIMG = "file:///home/USER/distem_img/distem-fs-jessie.tar.gz"
# Put the physical machines that have been assigned to you
# You can get that by executing: cat $OAR_NODE_FILE | uniq
PNODES = ["econome-7.nantes.grid5000.fr", "econome-8.nantes.grid5000.fr"]
PNODES = ["pnode1", "pnode2"]
# The first argument of the script is the address (in CIDR format)
# of the virtual network to set-up in our platform
# This ruby hash table describes our virtual network
vnet = {
'name': 'mynetwork',
'address': ""
'name': 'testnet',
'address': ARGV[0]
nodelist = ['node-1', 'node-2']
# Read SSH keys
......@@ -16,7 +16,12 @@ First of all, you have to reserve some nodes on Grid'5000, deploy a system on th
$ kadeploy3 -f $OAR_NODE_FILE -e debian9-x64-nfs -k
$ distem-bootstrap --debian-version stretch
Get image for tutorial
.. code-block: bash
$ frontend> wget 'http://public.nancy.grid5000.fr/~amerlin/distem/distem-fs-jessie.tar.gz' -P ~/distem_img
.. literalinclude:: scp_vsync/scp_vsync.py
:language: python
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