Commit 673ab342 authored by Vincent Lefevre's avatar Vincent Lefevre
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Removed a usless comment about git info output by "make check".

tests/ removed the comment about the unimplemented
solution with possible *-branch tags (I think that it would not
work well with merges).
parent c32e0600
......@@ -29,9 +29,6 @@ AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = 1.6 gnu
# in the branch since its creation, etc.). If $gitb contains multiple
# branches, this means that something is probably wrong with the tags
# or the branches (merged branches should be deleted).
# Alternatively *-branch tags could be added to identify the first commit
# of a branch (just after the corresponding commit with the *-root tag),
# so that "git describe --match '*-branch'" could be used.
# Concerning the test "git rev-parse ...", if git is not installed, this
# test should silently fail.
output_info = { \
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