Commit 0c0fa6d5 authored by Vincent Lefevre's avatar Vincent Lefevre
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Updated tests_run_within_valgrind() comment in "tests/tests.c".

parent fee2bee7
......@@ -1203,7 +1203,13 @@ tests_expect_abort (void)
/* Guess whether the test runs within Valgrind. */
/* Guess whether the test runs within Valgrind.
Note: This should work at least under Linux and Solaris.
If need be, support for macOS (with DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES) and
i386 FreeBSD on amd64 (with LD_32_PRELOAD) could be added; thanks
to Paul Floyd for the information.
Up-to-date information should be found at
<>. */
tests_run_within_valgrind (void)
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