Commit d394024e authored by Fabien Triolet's avatar Fabien Triolet
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Removed useless comments

parent 68827f6e
......@@ -23,8 +23,8 @@
<ruleset name="cvshide">
<resubst match="bibliography/@date" source="\$Date: 2002-10-07 08:47:15 $" target="$1"/>
<resubst match="bibliography/@version" source="\$Revision: 1.31 $" target="$1"/>
<resubst match="bibliography/@date" source="\$Date: 2002-10-16 14:31:25 $" target="$1"/>
<resubst match="bibliography/@version" source="\$Revision: 1.32 $" target="$1"/>
<resubst match="bibliography/@author" source="\$Author: triolet $" target="$1"/>
......@@ -80,13 +80,6 @@
<apply-ruleset ref="cvshide" id="StripCVS" in="R3" out="R4"/>
<dispatch type="broadcast" id="dispatch1" in="R4" out="X11 X12"/>
<!-- <apply-external type="xslt" id="FormatHTML" in="X13" out="O">
<with-param name="file">../samples/biblio/xslt/bib2fo.xsl</with-param>
<serialize type="fop" id="writePDF" in="O">
<with-param name="file">../samples/biblio/output/JE.pdf</with-param>
<with-param name="format">pdf</with-param>
</serialize> -->
<apply-process id="generateFormat" ref="processGeneral" in="X11" out="W31 X31 Y31 Z31" />
<dispatch type="broadcast" id="disp" in="W31" out="O1 O2 O3"/>
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