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Instruction to create the servlet

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# README for confpgm sample:
# demonstration of servlet generation and installation from Transmorpher
# $Id: README.TXT,v 1.1 2002-10-16 14:33:46 triolet Exp $
1 - generate java code of the servlet
Puts all jar files which are in the lib directory of Transmorpher in your CLASSPATH
cd samples/ConfPgm/WAR/
java -cp ${CLASSPATH} fr.fluxmedia.transmorpher.Application.transmorph -compile -reloc WEB-INF/output ConfPgm/process.xml
cd samples/confpgm/WAR/
java -cp ${CLASSPATH} fr.fluxmedia.transmorpher.Application.transmorph -compile -reloc WEB-INF/result confpgm/process.xml
Generated file is in ConfPgm/WAR/WEB-INF/output
The generated file is in confpgm/WAR/WEB-INF/result
This file has to be modified (if current directory isn't WAR/)
search for the following line
tmParameters.setParameter("file","ConfPgm/WAR/WEB-INF/output/stripDetails.xsl" );
and change it for this one
tmParameters.setParameter("file","WEB-INF/output/stripDetails.xsl" );
2 - compile
(servlet.jar has to be in your CLASSPATH)
javac -d WEB-INF/classes/. -classpath ${CLASSPATH} WEB-INF/output/
javac -d WEB-INF/classes/. -classpath ${CLASSPATH} WEB-INF/result/
3 - generate war file
cd WAR/
jar -cvfM ../ProcessProgram.war .
4 - installation in TOMCAT
4 - install in TOMCAT
$CATALINA_HOME refers to the directory into which you have installed Tomcat 4.
Copy the web application archive file into directory $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/
......@@ -35,5 +31,6 @@ This file has to be modified (if current directory isn't WAR/)
6 - start servlet
In your browser , set the following url
In your browser, set the following url
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