Commit 9eaf5ec4 authored by Jérôme Euzenat's avatar Jérôme Euzenat
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Corrected (?) the iteration assertion with the new syntax

parent 60813939
......@@ -7,15 +7,14 @@
<generate id="generateNumber" type="readfile" out="idaml">
<with-param name="file">../samples/church/input/sample.xml</with-param>
<repeat type="int" id="rep" in="idaml" out="o" bin="x" bout="y">
<repeat id="rep" in="idaml" out="o" channels="o">
<iterate type="int" name="i">
<with-param name="from">0</with-param>
<with-param name="to">5</with-param>
<apply-external id="red" in="x" out="y" type="xslt">
<apply-external id="red" in="idaml" out="o" type="xslt">
<with-param name="file">../samples/church/xslt/compute.xsl</with-param>
<!-- here I should output the intermediary results -->
<serialize id="outputRed" type="writefile" in="o">
<with-param name="file">../samples/church/output/sample.xml</with-param>
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