Commit 7d1f8c81 authored by Guillaume Chomat's avatar Guillaume Chomat
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some modification about the tree classes

and now our merge run corrctly.
parent 0b1e87e0
......@@ -4,11 +4,15 @@
<transmorpher name="transmorpher" xmlns=""
<ruleset name="myruleset">
<resubst match="" source="e" target="z" />
<main name="myMainProcess">
<generate type="readfile" id="Reader" out="R1" file="../paper/euzenat-extreme.xml"/>
<apply-external type="xslt" id="XLST13" file="../paper/Extreme2HTML.xsl" in="R1" out="W4"/>
<apply-ruleset id="apply" ref="myruleset" in="R1" out="R2"/>
<apply-external type="xslt" id="XLST13" file="../paper/Extreme2HTML.xsl" in="R2" out="W4"/>
<serialize type="text/html" id="SErializer4" in="W4" file="../paper/index.html"/>
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