Commit c75369b3 authored by AITE Meziane's avatar AITE Meziane

adding check sbml db in convert_sbml_db

parent 7f905b62
......@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ the output file the mapping of those compounds
usage: --mnx_rxn=FILE --mnx_cpd=FILE --sbml=FILE --output=FILE --db_out=ID [-v] --mnx_rxn=FILE --sbml=FILE
-h --help Show help.
......@@ -36,7 +37,7 @@ options:
-v verbose.
from libsbml import *
import libsbml
#from padmet.padmetRef import PadmetRef
import re
import docopt
......@@ -45,15 +46,8 @@ def main():
args = docopt.docopt(__doc__)
mnx_rxn_file = args["--mnx_rxn"]
mnx_cpd_file = args["--mnx_cpd"]
db_out = args["--db_out"].upper()
if db_out not in ["BIGG","METACYC","KEGG"]:
raise ValueError('Please choose a database id in ["BIGG","METACYC","KEGG"]')
sbml_file = args["--sbml"]
output_dict = args["--output"]
verbose = args["-v"]
reader = SBMLReader()
reader = libsbml.SBMLReader()
document = reader.readSBML(sbml_file)
for i in range(document.getNumErrors()):
print (document.getError(i).getMessage())
......@@ -61,6 +55,35 @@ def main():
listOfReactions = model.getListOfReactions()
listOfSpecies = model.getListOfSpecies()
if args["--db_out"]:
db_out = args["--db_out"].upper()
print("Check from which database is this sbml:")
with open(mnx_rxn_file, "r") as f:
dict_id_db = dict([(line.split("\t")[0].split(":")[1], line.split("\t")[0].split(":")[0]) for line in
if not line.startswith("#") and ":" in line.split("\t")[0]])
db_found = {'total_rxn':0}
for rxn in listOfReactions:
db_found['total_rxn'] += 1
rxn_id_decoded = convert_from_coded_id([0]
db = dict_id_db.get(rxn_id_decoded,'Unknown')
db_found[db] += 1
except KeyError:
db_found[db] = 1
db_select = [k for k, v in db_found.items()
if v == max([v for k,v in db_found.items() if k != 'total_rxn'])][0]
output = "Database ref:%s\n%s" %(db_select, db_found)
if db_out not in ["BIGG","METACYC","KEGG"]:
raise ValueError('Please choose a database id in ["BIGG","METACYC","KEGG"]')
output_dict = args["--output"]
verbose = args["-v"]
if verbose:
print("nb reactions: %s" %len(listOfReactions))
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