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......@@ -48,8 +48,14 @@ You may download these files from [here](
or [here]( (for the raw dataset).
See also [here]( for the original dataset.
For the supervised variant, we feature a 14-layer architecture that achieves about 90.6% accuracy. For the unsupervised one, we provide a two-layer architecture. By changing the number of filters, the accuracy ranges from 77.2% accuracy (with 64 and 256 filters on the first and second layer respectively) to 86.2% (with 2048 and 32768 filters).
## Q: Why do the results seem to be slightly better than in the original paper?
There are several reasons for that:
--* This is a reimplementation which features different architectures than the original paper.
--* Whereas the results of the NIPS paper were obtained by optimizing parameters on a validation set, before reporting results on the test set.
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