Commit ed29f996 authored by SOLIMAN Sylvain's avatar SOLIMAN Sylvain

le bug est dans la valeur initiale de draw_first, je ne sais pas encore pourquoi

parent 793d14fc
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ up_type(sources).
:- doc('\\emphright{Defines if in the drawing of a graph using Graphviz, some species should appear first (i.e. on top of the drawing, or at the left if dran from left to right. The default value is \\texttt{present}, i.e. draw first the species that are present in the initial state.}').
:- initial(option(draw_first: present)).
:- initial(option(draw_first: none)).
:- devdoc('\\section{Commands}').
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