Commit 50e7f4e4 authored by Thierry Martinez's avatar Thierry Martinez

Events and install MacOS

parent e2c36b46
:- module(
add_event(Condition, ParameterValues) :-
type(Condition, condition),
type(ParameterValues, '*'(parameter = simple_kinetics)),
sets up an event that will be fired each time the condition given as first
argument goes from false to true.
This command is effective in numerical simulations only.
Upon firing, the parameters receive new values
computed from the expression.
The initial values of the parameters are restored after the simulation.'),
\+ (
member(ParameterValue, ParameterValues),
\+ (
add_item(event, event(Condition, ParameterValue))
list_events :-
doc('lists all the declared events.'),
list_items([kind: event]).
brew install swi-prolog gsl
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