Commit fec8f036 authored by HEMERY Mathieu's avatar HEMERY Mathieu
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Repare the continue option of rsbk, bifurcations is now working

parent 19c77706
......@@ -441,7 +441,15 @@ rosenbrock(Equations, InitialTime, Duration, MaxStSz, MinStSz, Jacobian, Fields)
%Collect the data for numerical table
findall(Row, (saved_row(Data), Row =.. [row|Data]), RowList),
nb_setval(numerical_table, RowList).
( % patch to append the simulation when continue
nb_getval(numerical_table, PreviousList),
append(PreviousList, RowList, Complete_list)
Complete_list = RowList
nb_setval(numerical_table, Complete_list).
%! rosenbrock_step(+Equations, +Jacobian, +Time, +CurrentState, +Parameters, +MaxStep, -NextState)
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