Commit c7b78745 authored by SOLIMAN Sylvain's avatar SOLIMAN Sylvain
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install more

parent 84895c55
......@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ quick: unit_tests
.PHONY: all slow test unit_tests clean web cabernet cabernet_restart \
jupyter gadagne gadagne_restart jupyter_tests install
# should we depend on jupyter target?
install: biocham biocham_debug
mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/bin
mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/share/biocham
......@@ -57,6 +58,8 @@ install: biocham biocham_debug
ln -fs $(PREFIX)/share/biocham/biocham $(PREFIX)/bin/biocham
ln -fs $(PREFIX)/share/biocham/biocham_debug $(PREFIX)/bin/biocham_debug
cp -r library $(PREFIX)/share/biocham/
cp -r doc $(PREFIX)/share/biocham/
cp -r biocham_kernel $(PREFIX)/share/biocham/
biocham: $(SWIPL) $(MODULES) $(CMAES_LIB) \
library/gsl_solver.o library/cmaes.o library/csv_reader.o Makefile
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