Commit a0d003b5 authored by Thierry Martinez's avatar Thierry Martinez

Fixed: Missing true(), missing command

Without true(), plunit does not check anything.
The purpose of this test is mainly to check command parsing, so
command/0 should be invoked.
parent 8d21af35
......@@ -31,10 +31,10 @@ test(
'reversible reaction',
[Reactions == [1 for a => b, 2 for b => a]]
[true(Reactions == [1 for a => b, 2 for b => a])]
) :-
add_reaction((1, 2) for a <=> b),
command((1, 2) for a <=> b),
all_items([kind: reaction], Reactions).
:- end_tests(reaction_editor).
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