Commit 6ab1ee95 authored by HEMERY Mathieu's avatar HEMERY Mathieu
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Use the option minimum_step_size in hybrid

parent 74a7faf6
......@@ -221,6 +221,7 @@ hybrid_static_simulation(ODEFilename, StochFilename, OutFilename, Volume, Time)
format(Stream, "~n% Plot part~n~n", []),
format(Stream,"option(show: {}). % You can choose here which species you want to plot : option(show: {a_total,b_total,c_total,d_total}) to plot species a,b,c and d.~n",[]),
format(Stream, "option(minimum_step_size:1e-4).~n", []),
format(Stream, "numerical_simulation(method:rsbk, time: ~g).~n", Time),
format(Stream, "plot.~noption(show: {}).~n", []),
......@@ -888,6 +889,7 @@ hybrid_dynamic_simulation(InputFile,OutFilename,Volume,Time,PropTresh,PartTresh)
format(Stream, "~n% Plot part~n~n", []),
format(Stream, "option(minimum_step_size:1e-4).~n", []),
format(Stream, "numerical_simulation(method:rsbk, time: ~g).~n", [Time]),
format(Stream, "plot.~noption(show: {}).~n",[]),
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