Commit 63839971 authored by SOLIMAN Sylvain's avatar SOLIMAN Sylvain
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do quick by default but keep "make test" for slow

parent 37f9c5b3
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ WORKFLOWS_DIR=$(JUPYTER_DIR)/guinbextension/src/config/workflows
NOTEBOOKS=library/examples/doctor_in_the_cell/diagnosis.ipynb library/examples/tutorial/tutorial17cmsb.ipynb
all: biocham biocham_debug test doc/index.html pldoc install_kernel install_gui
all: biocham biocham_debug quick doc/index.html pldoc install_kernel install_gui
quick: unit_tests
......@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ unit_tests: biocham_debug
# slow tests too
test: biocham_debug
echo "flag(slow_test, _, false), run_tests_and_halt." | ./biocham_debug
echo "flag(slow_test, _, true), run_tests_and_halt." | ./biocham_debug
$(MAKE) jupyter_tests
jupyter_tests: install_kernel
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