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Commit 5bf021bd authored by Mathieu Hemery's avatar Mathieu Hemery

Allow ODE simulation to fetch parameter of the model if not present in ode_parameter

parent abbf5834
......@@ -493,9 +493,15 @@ gather_initial_parameter_values(InitialParameterValues) :-
between(0, ParameterMax, ParameterIndex),
parameter_index(Parameter, ParameterIndex),
debug(numsim, "Parameter #~d: ~w", [ParameterIndex, Parameter]),
(%parameter_value(Parameter, InitialParameterValue)
ode_parameter_value(Parameter, InitialParameterValue)
; conditional_parameter_value(ParameterIndex,InitialParameterValue) % virtual event parameters for conditional kinetics
% use ode parameters first
ode_parameter_value(Parameter, InitialParameterValue), !
% if not present try model parameter then
parameter_value(Parameter, InitialParameterValue), !
% then virtual event parameters for conditional kinetics
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