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Commit 57caf9ae authored by Mathieu Hemery's avatar Mathieu Hemery
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First try with quadratization

parent 788a6925
swipl --goal=main --stand_alone=true -o quadratization -c
* The prolog script to create the stand-alone saved state for quadratization, it reads
* and returns an .ode file.
* Coder: M. Hemery
% Loading libraries
:- use_module(biocham).
:- use_module(doc).
:- use_module(kinetics).
:- use_module(models).
:- use_module(ode).
:- use_module(quadratic_reduction).
:- use_module(types).
:- use_module(xpp_parser).
main([Input|_Tail]) :-
% Naming handling
file_name_extension(InputBase, 'ode', Input),
string_concat(InputBase, '_quad', OutputBase),
file_name_extension(OutputBase, 'ode', Output),
format("Input: ~w~nOutput: ~w~n", [Input, Output]),
% Main procedure
......@@ -7,6 +7,9 @@
:- use_module(objects).
:- use_module(reaction_editor).
kinetics(Reactants, Inhibitors, Kinetics, Value) :-
eval_kinetics(Reactants, Inhibitors, Kinetics, ValueToSimplify),
simplify(ValueToSimplify, Value).
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