Commit 50a13085 authored by Hemery Mathieu's avatar Hemery Mathieu
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Add a simplification layer when reading derivatives

parent 68053144
......@@ -198,9 +198,11 @@ read_xpp_line(Line_raw, _Split, Id) :-
atomic_list_concat(['d',Sub.1,'/dt = ',Sub.2], Line)
read_term_from_codes(Line, Expr, [variable_names(VariableNames), module(ode)]),
name_variables_and_anonymous(Expr, VariableNames),
add_ode(Id, Expr),
read_term_from_codes(Line, DX = Expr, [variable_names(VariableNames), module(ode)]),
name_variables_and_anonymous(DX = Expr, VariableNames),
distribute(Expr, Expanded),
simplify(Expanded, Clear_Expr),
add_ode(Id, DX = Clear_Expr),
read_xpp_line(Line, _Split, Id) :-
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