Commit 48ea5cdb authored by SOLIMAN Sylvain's avatar SOLIMAN Sylvain

add a cleanup target

parent e9240da2
...@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ MODULES=$(shell sed -n 's/^- \(.*\.pl\(t\?\)\)$$/\1/p' ...@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ MODULES=$(shell sed -n 's/^- \(.*\.pl\(t\?\)\)$$/\1/p'
all: biocham biocham_debug tests doc all: biocham biocham_debug tests doc
.PHONY: tests doc .PHONY: tests doc clean
biocham: $(MODULES) Makefile biocham: $(MODULES) Makefile
@echo $(MODULES) @echo $(MODULES)
...@@ -20,3 +20,6 @@ doc: biocham ...@@ -20,3 +20,6 @@ doc: biocham
biocham_tests: $(MODULES) Makefile biocham_tests: $(MODULES) Makefile
swipl -o biocham_tests \ swipl -o biocham_tests \
--goal="call_cleanup((run_tests, halt(0)), halt(1))" -c $(MODULES) --goal="call_cleanup((run_tests, halt(0)), halt(1))" -c $(MODULES)
-rm -f biocham biocham_debug biocham_tests
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