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\\item a rule-based language for modeling biochemical systems (compatible with
\\item different simulators (Boolean, differential, stochastic),
\\item a temporal logic based language to formalize the temporal properties of
a biological system and validate models with respect to such specifications,
\\item static analysers for inferring various dynamical properties from the structure of the model;
\\item simulators for the different semantics: continuous (differential equations), stochastic, asynchronous Boolean;
\\item a temporal logic based language to formalize the temporal behaviours of
biological systems, validate models with respect to such specifications by model-checking methods,
infer parameter values in high dimension with temporal logic constraints,
measure parameter sensitivity indices and robustness of temporal properties;
\\item unique features for developing/correcting/completing/reducing/coupling
models, including the inference of kinetic parameters in high dimension from
temporal logic constraints.
Biocham is a free software protected by the GNU General Public License GPL
version 2. This is an Open Source license that allows free usage of this
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:- doc('This reference manual (and its extended version for developpers) is automaticaly generated from the source code of Biocham.
The syntax of Biocham is described with formal grammar rules which define new syntactic tokens from primitive tokens such as atom (i.e. string), number, term (e.g. atom(..., ...)).
For instance, the syntax of an input or output file is just the syntax of an atom in both cases, but they are distinguished in this manual for documentation purposes:').
:- grammar(input_file).
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