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Commit 3279920b authored by Sylvain Soliman's avatar Sylvain Soliman

Stop looping if exists but is in error

parent 9e076803
......@@ -72,13 +72,18 @@ add_solution(File, Solution) :-
% @arg File Name of the cnf file in DIMACS format
% @arg Solution List of positive/negative integers for literals, or []
run_sat(File, Solution) :-
run_sat(File, no, [Line]),
run_sat(File, no, Line),
Line = 'UNSAT'
Line = []
throw(error(process_error('', 'Unknown error')))
Line = ['UNSAT']
Solution = []
split_string(Line, " \n", " \n", CleanStrings),
Line = [LLine],
split_string(LLine, " \n", " \n", CleanStrings),
append(RealClean, ["0"], CleanStrings),
maplist(number_string, Solution, RealClean)
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