Commit 2ebcdbe7 authored by HEMERY Mathieu's avatar HEMERY Mathieu
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Delete a misleading comment (no choice point in eval_matrix)

parent c6a4725e
......@@ -446,7 +446,7 @@ rosenbrock_step(Equations,Jacobian,Time,CurrentState,Parameters,MaxStep,NewCurre
% evaluate Jacobian at current time point
eval_matrix(Jacobian,TrueCurrentState,Parameters,JacobianCurrentState), % Create a choicepoint which I can't find a way to prevent
debug(rosenbrock,"Jacobian evaluated",[]),
debug(rosenbrock,"Jacobian = ~w CurrentState = ~w",[Jacobian, TrueCurrentState]),
debug(rosenbrock,"JacobianCurrentState = ~w",[JacobianCurrentState]),
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