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tropicalize example

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......@@ -425,15 +425,21 @@ ignore_unbalanced([H | T], [H | TT]) :-
:- initial(option(tropical_partial: 0)).
:- initial(option(tropical_denominator: 0)).
% tropicalize(+F, ?Max, ?Eps)
:- biocham_silent(clear_model).
% main predicate for tropical equilibration
% if Max is a variable, use the number of variables as bound on the absolute
% value of the degree in epsilon, otherwise iterate powers of 2 up to 2^Max
tropicalize :-
doc('Try to solve a tropical equilibration problem.'),
doc('Try to solve a tropical equilibration problem.
biocham: load(library:examples/cell_cycle/Tyson_1991.bc).
biocham: tropicalize(tropical_max_degree: 2).
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